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The recent days have witnessed a new wave of accusations and it peaked when a partisan group of US lawmakers on Wednesday called on the US to impose sanctions on relevant Chinese officials. The world has been thrown into chaos by the trade war launched by the US. If the US makes it more chaotic, will the US be the only winner? Beijing and Washington should both make a rule in their trade war: Neither should resort to other means to secure a victory and neither should suspect the other of doing so.

Whether Google left or not eight years ago and whether it will return is more important for Google than for China. China has become the world's largest internet market which is open to all.

It stands on an equal footing with other markets in the world. Last week the US officially re-established its Second Fleet. The US government should not make confrontation the theme of this era. If Washington really triggers the retrogression of the globe, it will not be forgiven by history. Malaysia should be reminded that many words of Kuala Lumpur can be spread to China via the internet, causing different reactions among the Chinese public.

How the Chinese public sees China-Malaysia cooperation is by no means inconsequential to Malaysia's interests. History will remember the Belt and Road initiative as one of the most significant chapters in China's history and a great milestone in the development of human civilization. History will remember the Belt and Road Initiative as one of the most significant chapters in China's history, and a great milestone in the development of human civilization. However, the US media underplayed the mistake, making no self-reflection.

It's hard to prevent another Iraq war mistake from happening again. Perhaps the US is now applying the same logic in dealing with the Syrian government as it did with Iraq.

Tariffs won't make US firms produce in US It would be the White House's dream to expect that the US is not only the world's technology and financial center, but also the world's factory that sells its products globally. Nauru tirade on China to turn itself into a laughing stock Nauruan President Baron Waqa was tough toward China at the end of the Pacific Islands Forum earlier this week. Nauru mars image of Pacific Island nations It's absurd that Taiwan's future can be decided by a remote Pacific island country.

Xi's China-Africa guidelines are the keys to the new global paradigm The "five-no" and "four-can't" are truly inspiring. China cool to Australia's contradictory policy China should give up the illusion of persuading Australia to stop containing China together with the US. China-Africa cooperation charts a new path of mutual benefits The Chinese people must cherish what the country has earned them. West's sour grapes at China-Africa cooperation The possibility of the West leading the collaboration with the continent again always exists as long as they do not get their heads jammed by a geopolitical mind-set.

Xinjiang people know their situation best There has been some misunderstanding internationally about the governance of Xinjiang. Serve as many customers as you can and see how the cash flows!

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