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Yokozuna Kisenosato somehow managed to fight his way off the bales and secure his third victory in as many days at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday. In the closely watched final bout of t The year-old Osaka de SAPPORO — A powerful earthquake that struck Hokkaido last week has sparked a wave of cancellations for hotels and tourist facilities at major tourist destinations.

Although the full restoration of The last missing person after a severe earthquake that was centered in the Iburi district in southwestern Hokkaido was found early Monday in Atsuma, Hokkaido. The man was confirmed dead, bringing to Aronimink Golf Club already was saturated This is the third and final installment of a series.

When you hear the name Glasgow, what is it that you imagine? And if you were a student, what would you know about the University of Glasgow? Perhaps you have never heard of the TV Tokyo is airing a new animation series based on its official mascot Nanana. Decline of Spanish Rule: Though it started as a mission, San Antonio de Valero was now secularized, and the Spanish military occupied the old mission compound and converted it into a frontier outpost and military garrison.

The soldiers of the Alamo Company, named for their hometown Alamo de Parras south of the Rio Grande, shifted their allegiance to the newly formed independent nation of Mexico. The Alamo, now a fortress under the command of year-old William Barret Travis, came under siege by dictator Santa Anna. He ordered the pre-dawn attack on March 6, in which Texians, Tejanos, Americans and Europeans sacrificed themselves to stop a tyrant.

But the fighting did not end there. Mexico refused to give up its claim to Texas as well as the additional territory claimed by the new Republic, and launched military attacks on Texas several times in the ensuing years.

The Alamo remained a vital military garrison protecting San Antonio and supplying border forts from Mexican incursion and Indian attacks. The Army Moves In: San Antonio de Béxar and the Alamo greatly benefitted from annexation and statehood.

Centrally located and vital to Texas, San Antonio was already seen as an important civic and military asset. The Alamo became a U. Army outpost and depot. It was during this period that the Army added the Alamo's famous bell-shaped top. Army departed the Alamo and established Fort Sam Houston to replace it in The remaining grounds of the Alamo compound were divided and sold for various uses.

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