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Quels sont ses avantages? If we are for equality, men and women both should be allowed the same cultural right of expression.

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Je te chanterai une berceuse douce, mon chéri, Pour te donner un sommeil bien profond et beau. Demain la pluie battra fort les flancs des coteaux, Et nous célébrerons l'automne à notre envi. Rêves-tu, mon amour, des sanglots mornes d'automne, Qui font couler des larmes de mes yeux humides?

Rêves-tu des pas d'automne furtivement marchant Qui remplissent nos coeurs de volupté charmante? Song of Autumn Did you hear, sweetheart, autumn rains and leaves, The golden deer that sing their courtship song, And autumn softly gliding in steps long To bring new love in which we fain believe?

The autumn spirit whisp'ring gently in my ear Eternal love we swear for you and me, my dear. Did you know, sweetheart, autumn rains and breeze, The autumn easing down in solitude? Did you know, sweetheart, fall has come in peace, And filled our hearts with new and soothing mood? The autumn cool and sweet smells sing and dance, That set my soul afire in drunken trance.

The waning sun lit up my eyes aglow, As clouds in azure sky blew my teased hair. My pale and fragrant lips flew in the air, And blushed my face with love in lovely show. I will sing you a soothing song, my dear, To lull you to a deep and peaceful sleep. Tomorrow rain will lash the hillside sheer, And you and I will bask in autumn deep.

Did you dream, sweetheart, autumn gloomy sobs, That fill my eyes with tears and dewy drops? Did you dream, sweetheart, autumn furtive steps That lead our hearts to love's voluptuous depths? The Slope of Dreams The night has fallen on the slope With rustling wind nursing our love. Gone home you have taken our love With you, our faithful love and hope. Not time nor tides are going to wait. Let me take you to our dream slope. I take you to the slope of dreams Where I linger in lonely waits, And pine away my life, meseems, A love fragile in dreams ornate.

Your starlike eyes glitter with smile And rosy lips utter words fine Of deep longing for dreams of mine To hide our aching pain, O love. This slope has seen your sunken steps Through times and tides' enormous depths, Has seen our bliss taking the path Of dreams of you so far away.

Now you are my belov'd poem I still yearn for your love in vain Through vast oceans of miles distant Longing to be with you again. Let this be my last words of hope For that love given each other Let it be love now forever. Translated by Thomas D. Le 3 February Le soleil cristallin Est-ce la couleur du soleil ou celle de vos yeux? Les pluies d'automne fouèttent vos bras attendris. Au coucher le soleil penche ses rayons au porche Et fait envoler au ciel des nuages éthérés.

Je chasse le soleil triste vers vos cheveux, Et reçoit la mélancolie dans mes blêmes bras. Pourquoi les feuilles d'automne ne jaunissaient-elles pas, Aussi le soleil n'entrait-il pas dans vos yeux? Vous franchissez le parc à pas bien silencieux Où le vent envoie aux bois ses nuages légers Et les arbres sont tout arrosés de soleil, Traversant le parc les yeux arrondis d'extase, Où scintille le soleil au cristal doré.

Et je sens une immense tristesse sans pareil. Le soir a entré le beau jardin de vos yeux, En d'innombrables voyages l'automne s'est passé, Les arbres allument tels des chandelles leurs sommets Pour permettre le soleil d'envahir vos yeux. Et maintenant, ma belle, le soleil est dans vos yeux. Traduit par Thomas D. Le 16 juin Crystal Sunshine 'Tis the color of sunshine? As Fall's driving drizzles whip your arms soft, Sunset bathes the porch in its slanting rays And sends large whiffs of weightless cloud aloft.

Into your hair I sweep the sun rays' dolefulness, And embrace in my languid arms melancholy. Why did fall leaves not yellow in the long gone days, And the sun not drop into your sweet eyes weary?

You crossed the park in quiet muffled steps While wind into the woods hurried its clouds Amid the trees soaked in the sun wind-swept Crossing the park with your eyes round with ecstasy Scintillating in the sun's crystal golden shrouds, And I feel the surge of sorrow's immensity. Sunset invades the garden of your eyes, As Autumn comes and goes endlessly by, While the trees have lit candles on their tops To let the sun flow into your soft eyes.

And now, my love, the sun is in your eyes. Le 16 June In the face of impending hostility, the educated urban youth was torn between the yearning for freedom and the longing for peace. The semblance of normalcy in political and economic life during those volatile years could only sharpen a sense of angst among a population that was growing increasingly restive in the aftermath of World War II.

Some finally opted for the open struggle and vanished from their urban world while others stayed put with the quiet ambivalent resentment against the status quo. It is at this momentous juncture that Le Mong Nguyen jumped on the escapist bandwagon of the romantic movement that was still lingering after decades of reign as the premier mode of expression among the urban literati.

This creative impulse that animated so many poets of the Vietnamese struggle era permeated the cultural scene in the cities and towns while the rural communities were being rocked by the restlessness of rising expectations. The song quickly won a place in the listeners' hearts evincing the deep yearning for a peace that was under threat, and for a chance to live the love of man and nature that was still elusive.

All the radio stations in Saigon played the song day in and day out, year in and year out to an audience that never seemed to tire of its repetition. It is as if the entire population had found in it an expression of love that rose above conflicts of any kind.

In countless nights by the silent dreamy waters My heart is rent, I feel lonely for one beloved, Wonder if she recalls that night the music of That echoes in my heart under the moonlight clear.

Where is our old vow by your water's edge? Remember me the distant one in smoky haze? Where are the yellow moon of younger days? Boating under the rising moon drunken, bewitched? Who has gone off To the yonder windswept frontier, And the forlorn battleground drear? One day away from you faded my memory.

Why did heaven make separation so painful? From way yonder do you still long for me? Old days still live, my love abides soulful. Le 6 February What Month Is It? What month is it, my dear sweet one? While bobbing clouds gently float by, If you just keep your cool this eve And speak only a mild reproach, We'll never be so lonely, dear. Looking for blooms to gild your dress, I feel lonesome and miss you so, In your lissome dress of romance, Which fills my soul with deep longing.

I'll take you home on the morrow Braving the rain that blots the sun And chills us through to the marrow. Don't chafe at me, sweetheart, for then We'll feel sadness well up our eyes Like cold winter on bare shoulders. What month is it now, dear sweetheart? I've got to find springtime in life To dissipate dead winter's grip And seize the bright stars in your eyes So our true love will last and shine. Le 30 June At the inception of the war against the French, this rousing song was destined to receive a wild acclaim among the revolutionaries.

The barracks and the homes, the school campuses and the streets, the hinterland and the cities, and the ubiquitous radio resounded endearingly with the soft and dreamy melody.

The song's catchy tune and above all its moving words of love at first sight resonate in every heart, even today. Its popularity must have caught Nguyen Van Ty by surprise, for such a "bourgeois" song in revolutionary time was not only out of place but potentially "decadent" and deleterious to the soldiers' fighting spirit, especially when he himself was the leader of the performing arts group of Division , Interzone 4 with a rank equivalent to battalion commander.

Disciplined and censured, he was sent around every unit to denounce his own creation. It was a fool's errand, for every time he started his self-condemnation, he would be greeted with roars of laughter, both of approval and of disbelief. Born 5 March at Vinh, Nghe An Province, into a musical family, Nguyen Van Ty received his education at the National School of Vinh, where he distinguished himself by his singing and acting skills.

By his own admission, five people helped shape his musical future: Nigon of Paris; Father Bresson, a Spanish priest, who had him sing hymns during Mass and taught him rudiments of composition; and Mr.

Manh Hinh, a Chinese acquaintance, who taught him the guitar. Not content with being just a singer, he decided to write his own songs. Through a friend, he had been introduced to a family with two girls of marriageable age. While he was visiting with the year-old elder sister, he suddenly caught the riveting gaze of her younger sixteen-year-old sibling, who was leaning on her sister's shoulder. The musician was mesmerized, deeply smitten. The situation so incensed the older sister that she forbade him to ever see her again.

However, on the last night of his tour, he came by to bid farewell. The visit took place in the front yard under bright moonlight. Suddenly he caught sight of the younger sister, sitting some distance away, her just-washed hair spread out over her shoulders to dry, and singing softly to the accompaniment of her guitar. What she was singing, he could not make out.

But the image of the nubile girl discreetly singing to him in the shadow of moonlight followed him back to his own unit. Although he was never to see her again, he captured the intense emotions he was feeling in a melody of words and sounds of pure love, albeit unfulfilled, conceived at a distance and fated to remain platonic.

That the song spread so rapidly from the young men and women who took up arms in the country to their contemporaries in cities and towns regardless of their political inclinations can only be explained by its universal appeal to the most basic human emotion of love, love that transcends politics, ideology, time, and anything else that tends to divide humanity.

Loving your voice, a pledge mellow as in a dream, I am suchlike a vacant loft and you a bright moonbeam Pouring verses onto my tender words of love; My heart withers from lonely years of yearning love.

It seems as if we had a date from previous life, For I miss you, sweetheart, until my final day, Bearing this sorrow deep within my tortured soul.

Where will your tune take me, whichever way? Your song's echoes caused such deep loneliness in me; Feverishly dreaming of your trembling parted lips, I want to be a cloud riding the wind that whips To you and some dreamland for all etermity.

Le 27 June He ranked among the pioneers of modern Vietnamese music, seamlessly melding the traditional pentatonic scale with Western heptatonic scale. The theme of autumn permeating his repertoire, small as it is, has the power to unleash an avalanche of autumn songs that lasts to this day, to the delight of the Vietnamese audience. A native of Nam Dinh Province, birthplace of an impressive succession of talented musicians: His memory is further honored by the tragedy of his short life.

In the spring of , he left for Saigon, then went on to Phnom Penh, Kampuchea, where he offered music classes until his return to Hanoi in the fall. However, a probably more credible source, as we shall see below, places the writing of this song in over the Thuong River, and the premiere also took place this year.

Severe privations, long unsuccessful travels, and tuberculosis though he also had meningitis finally took his life in early at the age of This province is traversed by the Thuong River, which clearly shows its two currents, one clearer than the other running side by side, probably because of the difference in the amount of sediments. One bright moon-lit night Dang and his friends rented a boat, moored it, and were enjoying the evening over drinks when he received a handwritten note saying his girlfriend Miss Tuyet had taken ill.

For the remainder of the night Dang grew silent and worried. Two days later he was back in Nam Dinh, and Miss Tuyet miraculously recovered on seeing him. In the chill of fall and its light breeze the two lovers met under moonlight. He softly sang the just-written melody into her ears, and the world has a new song, whose perennial themes of love and autumn and moonlight once again rise to stir every Vietnamese heart. Commenting on the lyrics, famed folklorist-songwriter-singer Pham Duy emphasizes the malaise of the young generation, who keenly felt the oppressiveness of the colonial regime and could relate to the aimless drift of the boat on the currents of the Thuong River, the metaphor for the currents of events, which they were powerless to change.

To Pham Duy it had to be a boat that is adrift on the Thuong River of two distinct currents, it had to be autumn which brings its cold wind, the haze that reaches to the cloud front, the wind that whistles among the pines, and the moon that lights the landscape to arouse the Zeitgeist in the Vietnamese soul of the time, the tenderness, the pain, the melancholy, the love of kinfolk and land, which remain the motifs across all genres of artistic creation.

A boat adrift on the Seine in the summer would never elicit any kind of meaningful response. A boat slowly drifts down river in peace Yearning lonely for one it longs to meet. The breath of fall cuts through the icy limbs Of trees whistling drunken as in a dream.

Far wind amidst the pines murmurs its hymns. Whose love so painful gasps in its last gleam? Gliding downwind the boat bathes in bright moon Upon the Thuong waters split up in twin ribbons. Where is thy cove, small boat, and whereto soon Upon the Thuong, which no one can fathom?

Recall one fog-shroud eve and our tormented pain, Those sad longings the boat carried downstream. Though loving harbor waits, O boat, tarry in vain. And so this dim-lit night the boat lost in darkness Upon the vast river, it roves aimless. Le 10 July After his father died when he was young, he and his sister were raised by their mother.

All of them are stars in the Vietnamese pre-war constellation of the famously productive Romantic era. His musical training was largely autodidactic. He borrowed music texts from a Catholic institution to learn harmony and counterpoint. Later, after his return from the maquis , he took a correspondence course in composition from Ecole Universelle in France.

The hardscrabble life in the incipient war with its stringent demands, coupled with the poverty besieging his family, took such a toll on him that he had to return to the city, where he eventually entered the business world.

From there he moved to Sealand Corp. When Saigon fell in , a Sealand captain, who was a friend, sent him a note asking him to leave the country on his ship. Judging that he and his family would have a hard time starting all over in an English-speaking country, he refused. But it took him until March of to reach the United States, and settle in Rosemead, California with his wife and their adult children, three daughters and a son.

Once settled he found the materialism surrounding him had negated all the values with which he was familiar in Vietnam. He found it hard to resume writing songs, for he had lost touch with the audience and the purpose. It seemed that the fire was going out of him.

With his children all grown and gone and the old ailment resurging, life was becoming increasingly difficult. He died on 9 January of lung cancer in Rosemead. For good reason, the song also found favor among an enthusiastic audience in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The family had a daughter, whom he loved. He was nineteen, and the love was to remain platonic, the Viet Minh having caused their separation by a forced evacuation of towns and cities. Still he felt an obligation and nurtured the dream of some day writing a song in memory of that love.

It would be many years before the opportunity arrived when he found a job at the Radio Station in Hue, the capital of Central Vietnam. He would lead a life typical of a libertine, which he later characterized as conferring a cachet to his work 1 during an interview with a reporter from the online Vietnamese music organization, Vietnhac.

He would spend the day at the Radio Station, and his evening hours on the legendary boats moored on the equally legendary Perfume River with friends and denizens of the demi-monde, a way of life that had no other victim than himself. The palace was blown up by the Viet Minh in the night of 19 December as part of the scorched-earth policy aimed at denying resources to the returning French forces. The spark of inspiration, however, came from a beautiful girl of the Hoang family who was holding the crown of Hue's beauty queendom.

Sitting on the edge of the lotus pond, her graceful figure triggered a flood of memory back to the days of his first love. And the song almost wrote itself, naturally. The year was Not that he had this feeling at first. On the contrary, he was quite satisfied; the piece was well-written, solid, balanced in every way. But its surpassing popularity was such that it eclipsed its creator in fame and recognition. The lyrics were set to the sensual rhythm of rumba bolero.

The rumba is a family of styles of very expressive dance involving suggestive movements of the body, particularly the hips, footwork and arms styling. It arose in the West Indies from Congolese roots as a sex pantomime, accompanied generally by hand percussion.

Over three hundred years, it has evolved into its many present forms in Cuba, various Latin American countries, the United States and Spain and is now part of the repertoire of ballroom dancing. Vigorous and fast in its origin, the dance also has spawned slow variants. The bolero is slower, sentimental, lush, romantic. It can be performed languorously or briskly to create a panoply of sensations and delights unmatched in their evocative power.

Recalling her a lithe and slender girl of yore, Sweet eyes whose sparkling gaze meant love me true; I fancied her steps through the sun-bathed porch, Her bobbing hair stroking her face a creamy hue. Now I am back crossing the sun-swept yard, Memories of the old love oath tighten my heart, Wondering where my former sweet has given hers. I'm 29 years old with Italian, French and Native mix. I'm currently serving a Life 25 year sentence that I am going to appeal.

I would like to find someone I can connect with through letters. I speak English, I'm 5'7", lbs, hazel eyes and I'm covered in tattoo's. I'm funny and love to laugh. I enjoy almost any type of music as long as I can sing or dance along with it.

In my spare time I do all kinds of art and try to keep fit. I enjoy all kinds of sports from hockey, football to baseball.

I'm very straightforward and non-judgmental and I live each day to the fullest. I look forward to getting your letters and learning more about you. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I will be adding new pictures soon. My name is Ryan Ricardo Richards, I'm hoping to form friendships with anyone open to getting to know me for who I truly am.

I have been incarcerated for 16 years for a homicide that I am innocent of. Although their efforts to exonerate me have failed thus far, I still maintain a close relationship with them. I love cooking, vegetarian cuisine and a good book. I spend my days writing, praying, watching documentaries and studying law. In I set a legal precedence for habeas corpus self-represented. I have written 6 books that I have received rave reviews for however, they are still unpublished as I'm waiting for the right timing and funding to publish them.

If you are interested in communicating with me, please send a letter. I'm into working out and tattoos. I'm a city boy, all the way.

I'm in the max which means I'm locked down all the time. I enjoy reading over TV. I'm a big Trudeau fan. I'm looking for a cute little honey bun to write me and hopefully send some pictures.

Preferably between the ages of 19 - 25 but I will reply to any and all interesting women. So please feel free to write me. I'm looking for women to correspond with. I've been in 8 years and it gets a bit lonely at times. I'm mentally, emotionally and physically fit. I don't smoke cigarettes or do hard drugs and I have no diseases. I love art, old cars, sunsets, literature and the ocean. I have a great sense of humour, love to laugh and have fun.

I'm down to earth and capable of carrying on engaging conversations. I hope to be able to fall in love again and maybe have more children and get married. I hope to meet a woman who can bring light back into my life and allow me to love her.

I'm an artist and tattooist, I'm into movies and all kinds of music. I love a woman who can dance - I've always wanted to learn how to dance with a woman. I have a thing for red-heads, brunettes and green eyes. I love women who love to be sexy, wear dresses and heels and take care of themselves. I'm attracted to strong, independent women who aren't afraid to speak their minds and don't care what people think about them, but are also loving, kind and open minded.

I thought it would be beneficial to use my Canadian Inmates Connect page to address an issue that is greater than just wanting to meet new people. This issue is Systemic Racism, and its effect on visible minorities. Recently a Judge found himself facing sanctions for choosing to where a "Make America Great Again" not while performing his duties. One may wonder what place Donald Trump's official campaign slogan has in Canadian courtrooms.

But the real question should be how many appointed Judges here in Canada share the same fascist, and divisive views as Trump? Our Judiciaries here in Canada are mostly white. But what I wonder most is how many visible minorities are deprived of a fair court proceeding and are instead judged on the colour of their skin?

How many convictions were handed down not because of credible evidence, but instead racial bias? This is not an "American" issue.

The ill-treatment of visible minorities is happening around the world. Unfortunately, its seriousness is completely diluted here in Canada. The principle Canadian study in this field, conducted by the Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System, examined the extent to which criminal justice practices, procedures and policies in the police, courts, and Correctional institutions in Ontario reflected Systemic Racism.

Overall, the Commission found evidence of Systemic Racism within each of the components of the Criminal Justice System. This study is now dated and there is no evidence that such study has been completed since. A Case Study on Diversity: Hi, my name is Jeremy Legare.

I am currently serving a life sentence for first-degree murder. I have blond hair, blue eyes and I am 32 years old, 6'2" and lbs. I love sports and the outdoors. I'm hoping to build new friendships through this site but ultimately I'm looking for a woman who can look past what I've done so I could settle down and start a family of my own one day.

I love someone shorter than me and they have to want to get married and have kids eventually, and I don't mind if they have kids of their own because I love children. My goal when I get out is to help troubled kids so they do not fall into the same footsteps I did and if I can help save a few, I will be very happy.

If you have any questions that you might want to ask, feel free. I do not lie and I won't hold anything back about anything. I hope to hear from someone soon. I'm 35 years old, 5'9" and lbs. I have red hair, brown eyes and I'm funny, outgoing and confident. I'm looking for women 25 - 40 years of age who are interesting, smart and witty.

Someone who knows what they are looking for in a friendship or relationship. I like women who are strong and independent, who can be supportive and positive at the worst of times and lighthearted and silly at the best. Someone who can understand that even though a man has faults and lost his whole family that there can still be love and goodness inside of him. I'm a Pisces, born the year of the rooster, I'm very in tune with my emotions and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I'm a giver and I love to please the people I care for. I believe life never gives you more than you can handle and for me to have been through so much sadness and seen so much pain in life, there must be happiness and love in this world for me. I like all sports, A. I love children; I have two teenage daughters and a young son I miss so much.

I'm appealing my sentence next year sometime after six years in. I've got great expectations and hope for my future and those close to me. If you're interested in getting to know more about me, please get in touch and I will respond to all.

No questions are off limits, I will answer anything you need or want to know about me. You can also look me up on Facebook to see more pic's and send a message. I fought back in self defense, and I'm fighting the courts corruption against me right now. So, if you're gonna write, then be careful what you say, no nudity or gang signs in photo's if you want to send me a picture of yourself. You can also send your phone number or contact info and we'll talk later Hello, my name is Ed.

I'm 37 years old and I've done 18 on a My hobbies are tattooing and working out. I'm looking for a welcome distraction from the monotony. I'm 5'7" and lbs. I am currently studying welding for a hopeful release in the next few years. I look forward to hearing from you. I'm 6'3" and about lbs. I'm right handed, brown hair, green eyes, somewhat reticent, not religious and enjoy intelligent conversation not much of that in here.

I've been in 20 years. Hi, my name is Joseph Daniel Nicholson. I've been incarcerated since and in June of I was convicted of first degree murder.

I am 30 years old, 5'9", lbs with a solid build. I have dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes. I have been in for 10 years and have yet to have a visit with anyone. It would be nice to at least receive a letter from someone willing to be friends and get to know one another. I love women only.

I enjoy music with a passion. I love to rap, write lyrics and even sing. I enjoy playing sports even though I'm not the greatest at all of them. I always give my best effort in anything I do. I love to work out, stay fit and stay active. Writing letters with people will no doubt keep my mind and spirit active. I enjoy good food and I'm learning to cook more and more as time goes on.

I take pride in being respectful, clean, hygenic, building long lasting relationships and trying to always maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm a family man and love my family very much, even through hard times. Everybody makes mistakes and I was 20 years old when I was charged with my crime. I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

I've been through many struggles in my life and had a rough childhood. I've definitely grown significantly since coming to prison. I'm mature, smart and strong willed. I never give up. I will constantly be doing the best I can to improve myself and become a better man.

I hope to build special relationships and I'm hopeful that I will one day find that one special woman for me. I hope to be able to share my story, my views, feelings, lyrics, qualities, opinions or whatever is needed from me, to any woman in general who decides to write. Have a beautiful day. Much love and respect. I am a young man, originally from Toronto. I have served the majority of my time and I'm definitely looking forward to coming home.

I enjoy working out and doing things like boxing and crossfit. I am an avid reader and have also been playing the piano for two and a half years. I enjoy having stimulating conversations, usually over a glass of Henessy. I cannot wait to start crossing things off my bucket list like learning how to snowboard, traveling across Europe and most of all sky diving. My plans when I leave here are to take up motivational speaking and also speaking to at risk youth in low income neighbourhoods.

I am very family and value oriented and also ambitious, disciplined and dedicated. When I put my mind to something, nothing can stop me. My idea of a perfect date is an adventurous afternoon ATV's, riding horses, hiking followed by a quiet dinner and drinks, followed by some amazing dessert. I am currently located in the Muskoka area. I am looking for a woman that enjoys having great conversation, who is upbeat and loves to laugh. I like women that know what they want in life and are driven.

I am a very easy going person who enjoys working out and staying in shape. I am a man who loves his music. Cooking is also one of my passions I enjoy doing. I like animals; unfortunately I lost my dog "Tank" earlier this year. I love traveling which I hope to pursue in the near future. I am the type that likes to keep up with current events and new technology. I am very sincere and an extremely loyal person.

I hope to find someone with similar interests and qualities to learn from. I hope to hear from you soon. I am an artist. I do a lot of paintings and also write poetry.

I play soccer and workout regularly. I love martial arts but I am pretty peaceful. I am Christian and trying to study theology in the near future. I have a cat, she is about 18 months old. I am currently waiting for my appeal so my life is sort of on pause right now. I'm a laid back guy looking for someone real.

Someone who is down to earth, honest and loyal. I love sports watching or playing , music, my family and what few friends I have left. Looks and age are not important unless you're under-age then it's very important.

I'd like to correspond with any women 18 years of age and up. While I'm not playing "Inmate" I generally use my freedom productively. When I'm a "Citizen" I'm employed in the welding trade and have done so for the better part of 15 years. I pride myself on my work ethic and having the ability to think outside the box. Spare time is consumed mostly with my 7 year old daughter, the gym and outdoor activities.

Working out, eating healthy and living clean are super important to me and play a huge role in my life. I love extreme sports and being outdoors but sitting in a quiet corner with a good book is also attractive to me.

Family values are first and foremost. I absolutely love and miss my little girl. My mother and daughter are the most important females in my life. The tattoo on my stomach reads " Familien Bindesich" and when interpreted means "The ties that bind a family are unbreakable".

Having my family close and together helps me to be the man and good person I need to be. All in all I'm a good guy with moral values, integrity, ambition and a thirst for life. I love to laugh, joke and make fun of I'm a kid at heart and some people might say I'm immature but I just like to think I'm unique.

I'm all about good times with good people! I'm 5'8", lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. I have been incarcerated since

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