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Accessed March 22, Accessed February 21, Lederberg was born May 23, , in Montclair, N. His family moved to the Washington Heights section of Manhattan when he was 6 months old.

Insights on the conformational stability of collagen , Department of Chemistry and Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin—Madison , August 28, Raines was born in in Montclair, NJ. Accessed July 21, Accessed October 17, Edward Weston Is Accessed April 16, Edward Weston, scientist and inventor, whose contributions to the advancement of electrical engineering during the last half century have gained for him world-wide renown, celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday today with a dinner ar his home 37 North Mountain Avenue, here.

She disliked the name Mary and dropped it as soon as she left home. Accessed June 6, Accessed June 5, Axelrod was graduated from Cornell University in with a bachelor of arts degree in history and from Brown University in with a master of arts degree in history. He and his wife, Christina, live in Montclair, N. Accessed July 13, In addition to being a New York Times media columnist, a former drug addict and memoirist and a master tweeter with a following of ,, Carr is the star of Andrew Rossi's documentary "Page One: D Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Accessed October 19, Back to Life is my first published novel. The context is real. Cowles variously gave her birthplace as Boston and Montclair, N. Census records and reminiscences of friends and relatives indicate that she was born on Jan. Her family moved to Bloomfield, N.

She attended high school in Bloomfield and later, according to her own biographical notes, the School of Fine and Applied Arts in New York, which no longer exists. Fleur Cowles, who has died aged — probably — , was a formidably creative American journalist and socialite who turned her back on humble origins to make her life's business networking with important people all over the world. She travelled to Persia as the guest of the Shah; Cary Grant was best man at the last of her four weddings; Yehudi Menuhin visited to play at her house in Sussex.

Her father was Matthew Freidman she said Fenton , who worked in the novelty business she said a businessman-manufacturer , and her mother, Lena she said Eleanor Pearl. Durang, there is always the memory of the silent pain that permeated his childhood home in Montclair, N. Accessed April 26, Accessed December 3, He grew up in Montclair, N. Fradkin, a dentist who had migrated from Russia, and Elvira Kush, an activist who wrote and advocated for disarmament and women's rights.

Johnson is a writer for the arts pages of The New York Times, where he covers gallery and museum exhibits. Accessed April 11, Browns got it right, big night for Byron and why we vote" , Sports Illustrated , November 4, Even with presidential elections, we never had a line longer than two or three people. This morning, at 6: Accessed February 6, We had chosen this house partly because its yard was bordered by wild trees and unkempt hedges.

Commissario's favorites" , The Philadelphia Inquirer , July 8, Accessed July 25, Now Donna Leon, 67, is the celebrated author of 19 international best sellers more than two million sold featuring a shrewd but principled police detective by the name of Guido Brunetti - and she is finally rewarding her readers with a cookbook of his favorite recipes.

Susan Meddaugh was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey. There she died on January 10, , at age She was buried in an unmarked grave. Accessed May 24, Redmond Satran's identification with Ms. Poehler's storytelling owes itself to her own divorce, not yet final, from her husband of 30 years, Richard J.

Satran, a business journalist. They have three grown children and, with the exception of sojourns to England and California, have lived in Montclair since the mids.

He and his wife moved to Montclair 13 years ago. He lives in Montclair, New Jersey with his wife and two children. Wilson Wesley grew up in Ashford, Conn. But she lived in nearby East Orange in the early 's, and Tamara's yellow-and-green Cape Cod is modeled on her old house. Accessed December 12, Accessed July 4, About six months ago the Montclair resident opened up her teen portraiture studio, and now she is offering a photography class for teens and tweens.

Accessed April 3, You know you have a terrific little museum there with wonderful Native American artifacts. It was Couper who built the substantial villa, Poggioridente, an Italianate pile that still stands on Upper Mountain Avenue. Accessed July 22, Accessed November 11, Apparently that title is shared by two English-born illustrators, Harry Fenn and Charles Parsons, who arrived in the 's.

Accessed August 7, Heath, Class of '45, recalls a Montclair as idyllic as Mayberry, where his dad would take him down to the theater on Saturday afternoons to see the serials. Westerns were their favorites. Accessed June 4, During her childhood, she developed a talent and interest in the arts, which would eventually become her career.

In , at the age of 18, Elizabeth graduated from the Montclair Kimberley Academy also known as Kimberley School before Accessed July 10, He received his bachelor's and graduate degrees from Syracuse University's S. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He now lives and works in Westport, Connecticut.

Accessed January 26, Burgi got his feet wet in soaps playing pimp turned good guy Chad Rollo on Another World for two years. His parents were involved in local theatre and the family shared a passion for music, their home often the site of neighborhood jam sessions, with Burgi and brother Chuck on drums. The pair were married on the show and lauded as one of the soap's all-time favorite couples.

In an art imitates life move, La Rue and Grey married and lived here in Montclair with their young daughter. Accessed July 20, Colleary, 82" , The Montclair Times , February 23, Bob Colleary, 82, of Santa Barbara, Calif. Born and raised in Montclair, Mr. Accessed December 10, Accessed April 30, Accessed January 9, Club , March 4, Accessed April 18, But at home in Montclair, he's one big teddy bear.

With his wife, Paula, daughter, Skyler, 8, and son, Grayson, 4, Hensley lives on a main street in a Mediterranean-inspired, mansion. Local celebrities" , The Star-Ledger , May 13, Heydt, a native of Montclair, N. He lived in Montclair from to before moving to New York City, but he still frequents Arthur's Tavern in Hoboken about twice a year.

A soap opera junkie confesses to being starstruck" , MontclairPatch, April 25, Among them are Vincent Irizarry, who played Dr. The two moved to Montclair in the late s. Accessed December 30, At age 26, he produced "The Last Giraffe," a made-for-television movie that was shot exclusively on location in Kenya. Morton and Chavooshian live in Montclair, N.

And one of them, former Guiding Light star Michael O'Leary, showed up at Tuesday night's Township Council meeting to voice his concern about the municipal budget and spiraling taxes. They are the parents of four children, the youngest in high school, and five grandchildren.

New Jersey Monthly , February 20, Accessed October 9, Born in Santa Monica; moved to Montclair, N. Accessed September 8, She appeared in Broadway shows like Gypsy Rose Lee's comedy, "The Naked Genius," and on the radio in soap operas and mystery shows.

She was a teenager when she signed a contract with the Conover modeling agency and changed her name. A former resident of Montclair, he was 76 and lived in Sarasota, Fla. Accessed November 17, Accessed June 7, After graduating from high school in Montclair, N. One of my sons is finishing up at Monmouth University while my other son is in L.

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Not till you've hit those hot dog customers out of the park. The Ice Queen is about to have not just one but two babies in this online game for girls! Can you make sure that she stays relaxed and comfortable until the ambulance arrives at her castle?

Hazel got a little carried away with an art project and she hurt her hand. Better get her to the doctor Things work a little differently at this boutique. Some of the clothes are easy to find but others are hidden in gift boxes.

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