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Les algues utilisent également de la chlorophylle, mais avec divers autres pigments tels que la phycocyanine , les carotènes , et les xanthophylles chez les algues vertes , la phycoérythrine chez les algues rouges et la fucoxanthine chez les algues brunes et les diatomées , ce qui donne une grande variété de couleurs. Outre les chlorophylles, elles utilisent des carotènes et des xanthophylles [ 21 ].

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There are plenty of fly-by-night products around(pretty much all of the ones in local stores) that only offer a very subpar purity. Often times such supplements(like ones sold at WalMart) only contain 20 or less HCA- even when they are marked as higher(this was the conclusion of a recent study).

Such low-grade products(like the ones from GNC usually) are basically scams, replete with fillers and additives and dont do much to give you the true benefits of the natural extract.